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This site was designed by James Nachlin with help from Brett Singer. The HTML code and design are based on the Slackware web site. Thanks to them.

The entire site uses the server-side scripting PHP, developed by Rasmus Lerndorf. PHP is similar to ColdFusion or ASP, but is open source. The PHP documentation is also really thorough and well written, and PHP is pretty standard on Apache web servers these days, which are pretty standard.

This site is best viewed with any browser. This site is also designed to conserve your bandwidth. We use a minimum of graphics. We try to eliminate HTML tags that are not part of the W3C standard. You could even view this page on Lynx.

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Sunday July 22nd 2018

Constant Contact is an email service that makes it possible for you to more easily manage a large email list. In these days of overactive spam filters, anyone with a large database of email addresses that they use for marketing purposes should check it out.

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