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The Internet is, well, huge. Google is currently indexing 3,307,998,701 web pages. Here are a few sites that we find indispensible. Check back periodically, as we plan to update this page on a regular basis.

  • Internet Archive: Web pages come and web pages go, but the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine will find them for you, even if they have gone to that great 404 page in the sky. A recent example: we were looking for a tutorial on a particular markup language, and found one. However, the page seemed to have moved. Using the Wayback Machine, we were able to retrieve the page, and save it to a hard drive for future use (tip: if you find what you are looking for, save it right away, since it may not be there when you go back for it). Also on the archive are public domain films and other materials. A fantastic and useful resource. www.archive.org
  • Google: This one is obvious, but we use it so often that it has to be mentioned. Google has become the search engine of choice for just about everybody. In spite of their occasional gaffes (filtering certain sites because of "objectionable" material, for example), this is still the search engine of choice for most folks. Tip: if you want a certain TYPE of site, try Yahoo! and look in their Categories section. www.google.com, www.yahoo.com.
  • Google Search: Add a Google search box to your web site. http://www.google.com/searchcode.html
  • Every File Format in the World: Not sure what that file someone emailed you is? Check this list. If it's not on here, it may not exist. TIP: If you get an attachment from someone with the extension ".exe", ".scr", ".bat", ".pif" or someone else suspicious that you weren't expecting, don't open it. And keep your anti-virus software up to date.
  • Cold Fusion Resources: this is a very specific topic, and one that we had some trouble finding information about. Therefore, we're posting these links for anyone who needs this info.
        Basic Cold Fusion tutorial
        CFML Tips and Tutorials
        How to create a 'Next X / Previous X Records' NavigationHow to create a 'Next X / Previous X Records' Navigation - note: this link is to an article from cfvault.com as saved by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.
        CFVault.com Tutorials Index
  • Free Anti-Virus Software from Grisoft: If you need anti-virus software and don't want to or can't pay for it, download this program. Just make sure to run the updater on a regular basis so that you have the latest protection against viruses. TIP: If you use Eudora, Outlook Express, Outlook, or another popular email client, the program adds a message that your email was scanned for viruses. If you don't want it to do this, it will still scan your mail, it just won't "certify" that they are virus-free. Open up the AVG Control Center and click the Email Scanner tab, then uncheck the boxes for "Certify Incoming Messages" and "Certify Outgoing Messages".
  • Free Email Software - Eudora: Another good way to avoid viruses is to avoid Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express (these programs are targeted by virus writers because they are so widely used). Eudora has an excellent free version that has a small ad window, the paid version costs $49.95.
  • Anti-Spam Software - Popfile: Popfile is the best Spam filter we've tried, including commercial products - and it is 100% free and open-source. Basically, the program "learns" which pieces of mail are spam and which are not and sorts them accordingly. A little intimidating if you aren't a slightly more advanced user, but it isn't overly complex. If you would like to use this software and need help installing it, please contact us.



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  • Sunday July 22nd 2018

    Constant Contact is an email service that makes it possible for you to more easily manage a large email list. In these days of overactive spam filters, anyone with a large database of email addresses that they use for marketing purposes should check it out.

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