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Technical Data

  • Commodore 64 servers
  • 10 k of storage
  • 14.4 kbps bandwidth

    A little web host humor there...

    We host primarily on Linux, an alternative operating system developed by the open source community. Windows NT/2000 is available upon request. If you prefer, we can also provide another Unix variant. For most indivuduals, we find that Linux is the best choice, particularly the Cobalt Raq server appliances, which are extremely easy to manage.

    Our servers are Intel-based (Pentium or equivalent); we also use Cobalt Raq server appliances.

    There are no bandwidth limits (if your site is generating massive amounts of traffic and putting a strain on our servers, we will let you know and work something out). That means you pay the price that we said you would pay - there are no hidden costs.

    For more information, please contact us.

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  • Sunday July 22nd 2018

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